He’s Your Teacher (requested)

Louis: “Close every door to me, keep those I love from me, children of Israel, are never alooone!” You sang the song from the musical perfectly, hitting every note in exactly the right place and time. When you finished the song, you looked out to your classmates and teacher, and found that all your classmates were awestruck by your voice, and your teacher, Mr. Tomlinson, was smiling at you approvingly. Everyone clapped, and you blushed and looked down. “Good y/n,” he said, “But not quite as good a voice as Kevin the pigeon.” The class laughed, and you smiled at your favorite teacher. The bell rang, ending the class you loved so much. You went to get your books, and everyone filed out of the classroom. You were about to leave when you heard Mr. Tomlinon say, “Y/n, can I talk to you for a second?” You turned around to face the teacher you’d been falling in love with since day 1. “Yes Mr. Tomlinson?” you reply. “Uh, y/n… I know you’re my student” he began, “and I know I’m risking my entire career, and embarassing myself in front of the most beautiful girl in the world, but…I just can’t keep my feelings bottled up anymore. I’m falling in love with you, and understand if you don’t feel the same way. This is stupid really, I-” “No!” you interrupted him. “I…I do feel the same. Louis.” Louis smiled at you, and kissed you. He looked into your eyes. “That’s the second best kiss I ever had.” he said. “Oh? What was your first then?” you ask, and Louis smiles mishceviously at you. “Kevin the pigeon.” he says, and kisses you again.
Harry: It was 3:00 p.m. on a gorgeous Friday. Everyone was running out of the school, happy that the weekend had finally come. You were at your locker, putting your books in your backpack, when you heard a voice say, “Ms. y/l/n, I need to see you for a moment in the classroom.” In an instant, you recognized that the voice to belonged to your boyfriend Harry, or Mr. Styles, as you had to call him at school. “Of course Mr. Styles,” you say, “I’ll be there in just a moment.” You swing your backpack over your shoulders, and walk over to his classroom. At this point, the school is basically empty, other than the janitor sweeping up some papers. You opened the door to his class, and you were shocked to see rose petals scattered all over the classroom, and candles lit everywhere. You saw that Harry had moved aside some desks, and put a blanket on the floor in the middle of the room, facing the board. “Do you like it?” he asks, as he walks over to you. You grin at him. “I love it!” you exclaim, and he pulls down the screen and starts playing your favorite movie. You cuddle on the blanket watching the movie, and you smile at your perfect boyfriend.
Zayn: You pulled your hood farther over your head, and hurried along the street. You were going to Zayn’s house, or Mr. Malik’s house, as you had to call him at school. You rang the doorbell, and his face lit up when he opened the door to see you there. “Y/n!” He exclaimed, and hugged you tightly. The two of you headed inside his apartment, where you made yourself at home, while Zayn made popcorn for the movie. “Yay!” you said when he came out with the popcorn. You started eating the popcorn happily. “Save some for me!” he exclaimed, and you shook your head. “No!” you say, “You know I’m only with you for your popcorn, right? This stuff is delicous!” Zayn laughed, and started the movie. The two of you spent the rest of the day watching movies together, eating Zayn’s amazing popcorn, and cuddling together.
Ok, I kinda started to run out of ideas, so I only did three. But if you guys want, I can do the other two! So let me know!

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